Sami Rämö


Simple but powerful shopping list app for iPhone.

Are you tired of paper shopping lists? Does your handwriting suck?
Or have you have reached 21st century and have an app for that, but it sucks too...
MyShopping app solves your shopping problems. Just add items there and order them once, your list will be ordered for your favourite shop forever. And that's not all. You can have your four favourite shops that has specific orders.


Simple interface

Great user experience with easy to read interface. Shopping with this is really fun and fast. Items are ordered like they are in your favourite shop (or one of four that you can have in the app).

Item database

Every time you add new product to your shopping list, it's added to the app's database too, so you can later find it fast from the product list. You can search then from the database, and sort it either alphabetically, by shop or by recency (items that are recently added to list are first).

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